100 Gates Level 29

This puzzle is not so hard if you know the solar system, but here it is 100 Gates Level 29 game guide and answer.

You know The planets position after The Sun are : Mercurious , Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter etc.

100 gates level 29
100 gates 29

In this level you will find only three planets which is Venus (red) then Earth (blue) and mars (brown). So Simply arrange these three planets in the righ position

Top : Venus
Middle : Earth
Bottom : Mars

100 gates level 29 walkthrough

100 gates level 29

Level 30

1. Push the center of the circle (look at the arrow poiting), Move and slide the key in bottom right to it's place (above original position)
2. push the circle 2x and move the bottom left key to its place
3. Push the circle again twice and move the top left one
4. push again 2x and place the top right key to the right position
5. push the circle and you will go to next level

After this guide of 100 gates level 29 and 30 go to next level guide

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