100 Gates 28

Welcome to our game guide, now the answer is for 100 gates 28. On this level you will find door with bone cranium on it.

Your task is to move five items to the right position. simply tilt or shake your smartphone to move the items.

100 gates 28

100 gates 28 walkthrough

Well follow the hints below
1. Tilt to Move the sword and army shield to bottom left (armor).
2. Place the yellow star to top left (it's the moon).
3. The last is to place the skull and the bone and skull to bottom right (there is goblet).

Please look at the picture for the detail of 100 gates level 28 hints, After you moved them, the items will be dissapear and you can go to next level.

100 gates 28

Next Level is_29
This is easy simply choose three planets closest to the sun, it's venus then planet earth then planet mars

After this 100 gates 28 guide, now please goto next level answers

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