100 Floors Annex Level 10 Solution

Welcome to the guide of 100 floors annex level 10. Since this game is run on both iOS (iphone) and android it has made a big trigger to boost user download of the app.

The first update was 5 levels, let's review these levels first

annex level 10

annex level 10

Stage 1:
cut the rope by knife, catch the egg, put egg on the nest

Stage 2 :
Tap and slide from right corner to center to mid left (See pic)

stage 3 :
Lect column boxes : 5-0-2, Right column 0-2-5

100 annex level 10

100 annex level 10

Stage 4 :
Tap the drums, follow the beat,

Stage 5 :
Drop the books, Marks with O and X marks such as on picture above

stage 6 until 10 : be patient please until the developer update the game

After the level is available we try to provide guide for 100 floors "annex level 10" walkthrough solution.

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