100 Doors Level 75 Solution

There are many puzzle game, but this one is one of most played app on Android smartphone. For 100 doors level 75 walkthrough solution please find in the end of this post.

100 doors level 75

We begin this post with guide of
Game stage : 72

  • You have to find the code to open the door, it's : 395826
  • Why 395826? because the clock shows the start point then the number above door means degrees. so so when the clock is 12 then 90 degrees from it is 3 o'clock
  • Go to next level

100 doors level 75 100 doors level 75

100 doors level 75

Game Stage : 73
This is quiet easy, look at the code 5. it means you have to find 5 differences between left door and right door. Look at the picture above for detail answer

Game Stage : 74
This is food chain, from top left sequence : hawk-grasshopper-owl-snake-hamster-grass

100 doors level 75

100 doors level 75
Remember Ninja Turtle cartoon movie?

  • Rat = splinter
  • Michaelangelo = tap top left position 1x
  • Raffaelo = top right position
  • Donatelo = tap bottom left position 1x
  • Leonardo = tap bottom right position 2x

We have tried to write the guide for "100 doors level 73" walkthrough. Thank you for visiting , Check update for next game level guide here

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