100 Annex Level 7

Let's continue this cool game. Now we talk about 100 annex level 7 answer guide. As you know this is advance level after you finished 100 floors game.

Let's start with level 5 first:
annex level 70

On level 5 there are door with 2 bookshelfs. to get the clue you have drop all the books by shaking your phone. Now slide the left bookshelf/bookcase to the middle to find the marks. Then do the same for the right bookshelf.

100 annex level 7

Now you have the right position for x marks and o marks. or see the picture above for detail answer

wait the update for level 6 and

100 floors annex level 7

100 annex level 7

After game developer update the level we will try to provide the guide for 100 annex level 7 hints.

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