Funniest iPhone Apps

Boring with many conventional applications? this is funniest iphone apps. Download and you will have fun. We have used iPhone for texting, phone call, office work, games and other formal activities now time to make fun with your gadget

funniest iphone apps

funny iPhone apps

1. ifart mobile app
This app will make great quality of fart sound, you can make your time fun and laugh together with your friend or family.

You can set timer when the app will produce fart sound. for example when there are many people in a room, you can leave your iphone on table and then you go to other room watching their reaction.

The are various fart sound, from little fart from sweet girl until big fart ussualy come from fat man.

funniest iphone apps

2. Hold on app
This is cool for hangout time. when you are with your friend an need to  kill time together simply run this app and who is the winner? it's silly but fun :)

Wait for update of funniest iphone apps.

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