Wimpy Boardwalk Car Keys Game Trick to Find

Where are Wimpy Boardwalk Car Keys , how to find them? Well it's a bit hard to get the reward from this quest, but follow our guide to find them and get the rewards.

wimpy boardwalk car keys

wimpy boardwalk car keys

This is start when you go to the Fun House to the parking lot . Then a girl tell you that she’s lost car keys and if you can help her to find them  she’ll reward you . So help her and get the reward, how?

First go back to the beach (by keeping run to the right). Go up to trash can and clik it on the seagull when it flying across,it's actually a Keychain Picture.

how to find Wimpy Boardwalk Car Keys

how to find Wimpy Boardwalk var keys

Ask a man with the metal detector with your Keychain Picture. The man will give you his metal detector. now step forward right until meet the woman with umbrella. After right in front of her, just dump out your popcorn bag and the seagulls will swoop down and make her run away.

Now Use metal detector you got before and search the area under towel of the woman . You may need more time to find the key, aafter getting the key go left ,pass fun house and give the key to her

That's guide for how to get wimpy boardwalk car keys, read also other wimpy trick on this site

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