Floor 88 100 Floors

How to beat floor 88 100 floors game? follow the hints below for the answer until floor 89 and floor 90. On 100 floors level 88 you will see hats like on picture below

floor 88 100 floors
"Floor 88 100 floors"

First tap and slide down the left hat then tap and slide to the right for the middle hat, hen flip top hat, then pickup the ball and place it to to the top hat, and the ball will go through all hat

floor 89 100 floors
Floor 89 100 floors game

You have to count the fruit name for example banana=six letters so the answer is Si. then the answer is Seven, Six, Nine, Five, Four. so To open the lift door simply tap the code : Se - Si - Ni - Fi - Fo. answer for 100 floors level 89

floor 90 100 floors
Floor 90 100 floors game

There are three button and you have to tap with the correct taps amount to open the door.

  • LeftButton = 4x taps
  • CenterButton = 3x taps
  • RightButton = 2x taps

Read other hints after this floor 88 100 floors game answer

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