Floor 29 100 Floors

To solve Floor 29 100 Floors game we have to stop the timer so the bomb will not explode. So first lay down your gadget in horizontal position. Let the timer show zero, wait a moment and the door of 100 floors floor 29 will be open.

floor 29 100 floors
floor 29 100 floors

Floor 30 100 floors
It's about time puzzle. first look at you curent time on your gadget/iPhone/iPod. then set up the puzzle time same as your gadget time.

Floor 31 100 floors
It's not so difficult, you just need to unscrew two bolts of level 31 board name placed on lift the door then turn it right 180 degree.

We hope this floor 29 100 floors hints help you to enjoy the game. Go to next game level

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