Door 30 to 100 Doors Level 34 Game Solution

This is Solution for the game from stage 30 to 100 Doors Level 34. On door-30 there is clue from word prev-current-next. It's clear that the answer is 293031, so just tap all that numbers.

100 doors level 34
game tips from level 30 to

100 doors level 34

This answer of 100 doors level 30 is taken from previous level which is29, then current level which is30 and next level which is31.

100 doors 31
  • shake your smartphone, let all tubes go down
  • take all that three tubes
  • place the tubes to the ring on the right of the door
  • turn and turn the knob until ou get the arrow

100 doors 32
there are 2column on left side of door, and 2column on right and 6rows
  • hit 3x on column2 Row5
  • hit 1x on column4 Row2
  • hit 2x on column1 Row3
  • hit 4x on column3 Row6

100 doors 33
tilt your phone to the left, wait ... and get the key

100 doors 34

there are white notes. so just keep tapping those white notes until say 33. After that tap red button on the left of the door

Hope this level 30 to 100 doors level 34 game tips help you. Next answer door35

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