Bubble Mania Walkthrough Tricks

Another interesting game for iphone, and this is Bubble mania walkthrough, the game is developed by Team Lava, a creative team in creating fun and beauty graphics game. On top screen there three items you can see :  coins, gems and energy.

Watch the video at the end of this article !
For setting items there are FB connect, sound option, notification and shooting option. You can find setting on  bottom of your screen. To begin the game you need to go to an island, but since the island is locked , on the first time you can only go to bubbly Lagoon.

Your goal is to free critters that is trapped. Throw your bubbles bullet to match the color and remove flying bubbles that trap critters. When you have free all of critters you pass the level and remaining bubble bullets you haven't thrown will be your bonus.

The game bonus is stars and coins that can be purchased boosts. You will earn energy points too. energy pint is used when you fail the level 5 times but if you want to be fast , energy point can be purchased by gems. After completing all levels you can move to next islang.

bubble mania boosts

Bubble Mania boosts

Tricks and cheats

There are 3 game boosts

  1. Extra bubbles : this give you extra bubble bullets to throw.
  2. Long aim line : with this boost you can extends your aim, good for accuracy.
  3. Super scorer : make doubles your final score.
Boost can be earn by scoring the game or purchase the boosts with coins .

For bubble mania tricks detail, play the video below

Wait for update of Bubble mania level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 30 40 50 60 walkthrough solution after this bubble mania walkthrough, check the game guide update here

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