Floor 100 Floors Explanation

Is this the last puzzle for this mobile game? Let's find the answer for floor 100 floors. We don't only give the answer but the explanation too.

How to pass level 100 floors?
There are four yellow dots in the screen
These are the planets orbit
You know the center is the sun
So this is the planet position number 1 - 3 - 5 - 6 (Mercurius, Earth, Jupiter, Saturnus)

floor 100 floors

floor 100 floors

So for

  • 1st row open col 1
  • 2nd row open col 3
  • 3rd row open col 5
  • 4th row open col 6

Look at the picture for detail
We have finished floor 100 100 floors . Move to new more interesting puzzle game.

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