100 Doors Level 35 Game Complete

Did you complete 100 Doors Level 35 game? If not try our hints below. It's a bit hard to be solved but finally we can do it. Door 35 puzzle is about playing music, and we have to tap the button to play the music.

100 doors level 35

100 doors level 35

First we name the buttons to make easier to explain.
A= top button on left
B= center button on left
C= bottom button on left
D= top button on right
E= bottom button on right (look at the picture)

100 doors 35

Then tap the following order to make a music and unlock the door.
  • tap button A-A-A-B
  • tap button C-C-C-B
  • tap button A-A-D-D
  • tap button B-A-A-B-E
That's answer of 100 doors level 35, now move to next level36 game answer

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