Twisted Metal Weapons Game hints

How to unlock weapons in Twisted metal game? at least there are 6 weapons you can unlock, follow below hints unlock :

To get Rockets in twisted metal players must clear Dollface Event #2.
To unlock SMG weapon simply finish Sweet Tooth Event #1.
To have 12-Gauge Shotgun reward just finish Mr. Grimm Event #4.
for Laser unlocking try to complete Dollface Event #5.
to unlock Laser Pistolunlock : you must Successfully beat the Story mode on the Twisted difficulty.
for Magnum Revolver reward unlock : gamers have to complete Sweet Tooth Event #4.

Twisted metal Energy abilities
For Absorption Shieldunlock : players must finish Mr. Grimm Event #3. to do this simplyPress Right + Triangle to activate.
Rear Freezeunlock : players must finish Sweet Tooth Event #3. just Press Up + Triangle to activate.
For Super Mineunlock : players must finish Mr. Grimm Event #5. it's easy just Press Down + Triangle to activate.

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