Floor 86 100 Floors

What is the answer for floor 86 00 floors puzzle of this mobile phone game? well actually the game first release is for iOS platform devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. But now it's available for Android devices too like Samsung Galaxy S3, Asus Transformer Prime, HTC flyer etc.

floor 86 100 floors

Tap the number above the door watch the rotation (clockwise or counter clockwise) then rotate the time needle same as number rotation direction, follow hints below of

floor 86 100 floors

floor 86 100 floors

A. number 11 = rotate counter-Clockwise to 11 oclock
B. number 5 = turn time needle to 5 clock wise
C. number 1 = turn Clockwise
D. number 8 = turn Anti Clockwise
E. number 12 = turn Clockwise

Be careful to rotate the needle match to the number, do not over it or you have to
repeat the puzzle.

After this floor 86 100 floors please read also next level hint of this interesting iphone apps.

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