Part 2 : Interesting Android Games List

This is part 2 of interesting Android game list.

Apocalypse of Skyland
The game is developed by Letang, this Android game genre is RPG with various endings. The gameplay goal is to beat the Evil boss with great and dangerous adventure before.

Apocalypse of Skyland

Developer create a cool graphics but not to the sound, players will hear poor sound in several game parts. Apocalypse of skyland has some features like Weapon System with color based, combos attack, weapon funtions, activate enhant and challenge stages with more reward fore more challange stages. The interesting ones in this game are hidden quest and super lucky draw.

If you want to try this game it's free , download Apocalypse of Skyland I free here :

Family Restaurant
The game is developed by forbiddenmobile, and as in the title it's obvious that the genre is cooking game. The unique one from other cooking game is that players are involved with their family especially mom and dad.

Mom provides the recipes while dad guide the players to make the restaurant success. To do this you have to cook the right all the meals with the right recipes and serve it with good presentation to make the guess impressed.

The game graphics and sound are cool and beside entertaining this game is also has educational side. It's good for children to play the game, they will learn how to work smart and successful.

download family restaurant for free here :

city legends

City Legends
All the city building game of course is inspired by the pioneer -Sims city- (PC game). Now when game move to tablet and smartphone there are many same genre games but city legend which is developed by feelingtouch has many winning features.

Look at the graphics, it's really cool, the detail is fantastic. So many building you can make : House, Stadium, Mall, Town Hall, office, Arch and other buildings. Player may get coins from repair friends building/city and from tax.

There is factory too that produce some products you can sell to get more coins. But one thing that make this city legend is addicted not because of the coins but because of the interaction with other players around the world, it's just like social media game. you know social media booming because of the interaction with other persons and now game has feature like that.

download city legends free here :

That's for interesting Android game part 2. Wait for next part.

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