Interesting Android Game List Part 1

As the fastest growth mobile OS, android has many games, because developers love to make apps based on this operating system. Here are interesting game list. This is not a perfect list but at least a simple guidance that you will find alternative interesting game beside big name such as Angry Birds, GTA, Modern Combat and other Famous games.

Draw Something

Not many game when it launched has a good response with million download in a month. Draw Something is one of this kind of game. You know it has been downloaded by more than 25 million in a month. What make this interesting is just because interaction with other gamer who is online on the other side of the world :)

The gameplay actually is simple and it's just like older game named pictionary, but as i said above this game has interaction side. When playing the game you will be given 3 words and you have to choose one to be drawn out on a clear screen on your device. You online partner have to guess the word correctly and the correct answer will be rewarded by coins. Other side that make this game is so popular because it's simplicity on registration, no email verification is needed, simply write down your name and email without verification. And people love this kinda registration.

The amazing feature of this game is that it appears you a stroke by stroke playback of partner's sketch, even your partner's reaction to your sketches. Sometimes I am amazed by the deduction skills of some gamers as they can guess my half complete doodles so easy. Although I am equally shocked by how some people can expect others to guess their own bad attempts at depicting words.
Download Draw Something here :


Battleheart is a type of real-time RPG game. It looks good on smartphone, Even it so amazing if looked on a tablet. Battleheart has rich colorful graphics, deep gameplay, and funny character design. Some game lovers who have tried this game said that it's one of fun RPG android game, so if you are an RPG lover just download the game right now, and try at night because you can't stop playing :)
Download Battleheart here :

Jelly Defense

The game is developed idreams . The game beauty graphics , all the cutesy aliens, towers are coupled with fun animations. Even for effect such as particle effects it's great and equally matching sound effects. It' will be good to play the game on HD device. For Music section in he game is same fantastic as the graphic. in fact, the whole mix of the setup is so amazing that it makes it more approachable for females. Jelly Defense android game will test your wits in an awesomely beautiful alien world.
Download Jelly Defense here:


Developer has added some new features to the game to be more exiting. Well actually Sprinkle is the player use water based physics to finish quests and executes it beautifully. Everything about this game is fascinating, from the sounds, graphic, animations, gameplay and design. If you are Android game lover, i think you will love these games with those funny characters, And you can play with your little brother or with your children :) really because this game is fun for children and parents
Download Sprinkle here:

Stone Stacker

Stone stacker is a physics type game that you're given a range of triangles , squares or circles and you have to drop all the given blocks to the canvas. The goal is to plop all the stones on whilst guaranteeing that they don't fall off. There's gravity energy that will pull all the items down so you must be watchful your position so that they are going to harmony till the end of the level.

The interface is not so complicated, you can simply place the pieces down by tapping the screen. there are indicator on the top of screen that will indicate what pieces still need to be positioned and the leftmost image is the next item to be placed. he game graphics is cute and the music is so live and make the gamer fresh
Download Stone Stacker here :

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