AC Revelation Hagia Sofia Tips

Hagia Sofia challenge level
Another unlockable level in AC revelation game is Hagia Sofia challenge level. to unlock this level you can collect all of ishak pasha's memoir page which are ten items.

Another interesting tricks in this game is that you can play as Courtesan in Multiplayer mode, how to do this? simply Reach level 50 in Multiplayer mode. After completing this task then the courtesan will be unlocked

ac revelation hagia sofia

To get Easy -Monster's Dance- achievement
First look for a guard that is close to a large group of civilians. one of the best guard for this is Patrolling guards that walk across markets . what next to do is just Poison the guard, then throw money on him (do this by selecting -Throw Money- from the weapon wheel) to attract civilians. you know what will happe? The guard will begin to knock them out when they are nearby.

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