100 Floors Level 84

How to pass 100 floors level 84 ? many game players didn't realize that they have reached this floor. All because interesting puzzles of this smartphone game that is made by the developer.Especially their motion sensor puzzle is cool as if we solve the puzzle in real life. checkout the update of this iphone game below.

100 floors level 84
"100 floors level 84"

Let's review one of interesting puzzle on Floor80, developer make our common style in reading reversed. first the code on the above door is flipped from code : Then we have to start from right to left, this is the unusual too. so the answer : tap 1st torch (from right torch to left) then 3-2 then ground - then 4-5 then gorund 2x then 5-3

100 floors 84
100 floors level 84

To solve this floor you have to be quick on tapping with multitouch game.
first hear the the sound and remember the correct button
with three fingers, tap three Buttons together Blue+Red+Blue
then tap the red one
then tap 2 blue buttons (with 2 fingers)
again tap 3 Buttons in the same time Blue+Red+Blue (with 3 fingers)

that's update for 100 floors level 84 answer, read also next 100 floors level hint of this iphone app

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