Floor 23 100 Floors How to Beat Full Level

Now you are on level 23, stuck ? this is tips for how to beat floor 23 on 100 floors. as you know the difficult levels are : level 15, floor 17, floor 19 and floor 22.

how to beat floor 23 on 100 floors

How to beat floor 23 100 floors

as arrive at this floor you will find dark. and you will only a white switch, no choice just switch it on. Now you can see door and the board beside hammer.

100 floors floor 23

Tap the board then place it to the door. you will see 4 squares. tap hammer and hit those all 4 squares. use this order : start from bottom right, then the middle one then the top square. finally hit the last square at bottom left.

floor 23 100 floors

door will be opened and simply tap the green arrow to go to level 24.
this tips for how to beat floor 23 on 100 floors, read next level hint here

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