Diablo 3 Treasure goblin Trap

One of strategy to kill enemy in the game is Diablo 3 Treasure Goblin trap, this creatures are resistant to Freeze and Blind effects, for your information, any time treasure goblin is notified (or if you are attacked) they will flee, and falling gold while retreating. sometiimes, this creatures will mobilize a portal to save itself . And this is could be your great reward if the Goblin can be killed before it run aways through the portal.

diablo 3 treasure goblin trap

Actually Tresure goblins is a type of rare monster, It can spawn anywhere outside of camps. They can show up as a Treasure Bandit , Treasure seeker, and smetimes showup as Treasure Pygmy. How to trap treasure goblin ? this is the "diablo 3 treasure goblin trap" tips

One of best way to trap the goblin is to attack them so that they flee into a corner of the map where they cannot run away further more. Then try to kill it before escape (particularly true on Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno). Wizards Character (who can teleport) or Barbarians character (who can use Leap) is the best char in the game to chase a goblin into a dead end where the rest of the party can jointly gang-up and kill goblin.

You have to remember that is chasiing goblin you have to make pets far aways because pet will automatically attack goblins and this is not good because the goblin can run away too earlybefore you can trap them. that's for diablo 3 treasure goblin trap tips.

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