Diablo 3 Easy Life Potion Trick

In this Game there many unlock tricks, this is diablo 3 easy life potion tips : When you get into an area, and that region provides you life potions or chest, it's goo to collect them,

then you may simply save and quit the game. and if you resume what you have saved before, the region you clicked on to get the last potion will always give you another potion, it's great right

diablo 3 easy life potion

diablo 3 easy life potion

but pay attention to this notice that Another chest may not always show up. but dont worry If there is no chest, quit the game again. When you resume the game again, it's bigger probability that another chest will showw up, and the treasure will has many variation from items to gold, or even both of items and gold.

diablo 3 potion tricks

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