Diablo 3 Easy Gold Items XP tricks

In this game you can ear money via auction, and this is tips for diablo 3 easy gold, items and XP. how to get them all easy and quick? follow the tips below

diablo 3 easy gold

diablo 3 easy gold

the process below is for how to earn XP, gold, and items in diablo 3 quickly,
begin with Act III : 7 - Beat Azmodan. then make it fast by Skipping past all the enemies unles for elite mobs. Kill Azmodan, and skip the cut scene. after that simply Teleport back to the stronghold sure do this after geting its soul and your loot.

diablo 3 easy gold

diablo 3 easy XP

next step is talking to the guard, be quick by speeding through the dialog, then come to armory, then go to the watchtower. jump the cut scene, after that you have to run via the portal. then travel to Tyrael, dont forget to skip through the dialogue, and go through the portal. again jump the additional dialogue, and then beat Iskatu. that's all. you can repeat this flow as many as you want.

diablo 3 easy items

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