Diablo 3 Development Hell

There are some secret area in This game, one of interesting one is Diablo 3 development hell. how to reach this area? you have to play quest named A Shattered Crown in Act I. Actually there are 3 areas called Defiled Crypt that you can go into, one of those quests has the goal.

diablo 3 development hell

diablo 3 development hell

When going into one of these quest there is a random chance to take you to secret area , and that is Development Hell. So let your self to be one of the lucky gamer who has chance to find this secret area because you will find interesting things.

What is the interesting thins? In diablo 3 Development Hell, Risen Dead enemies are named with Diablo 3 development team, and enemies descriptions are their job title. For example diablo 3 game director, Jay Wilson, is an elite monster, and killing him awards you the hidden Feat of Strength achievement .

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