100 Floors Floor 32

How do you pass 100 floors floor 32 ? this is the answer for question of how to solve level 32 100 floors. there is many titles with dots as symbol of number. follow the tips below to solve the puzzle.

100 floors floor 32

100 floors floor 32

to open the door you have to make the sum of every line = 12. to do this first place 4 in the middle. then follow the picture above for the rest titles places which are number 2 on the left , 6 on the right, number 1 and 3 on top, number 5 and 9 on bottom. that's for how to beat floor 32 on 100 floors

100 floors 33 answer
to pass this level you have to match the color of button to the color of image, for example push yellow button for banana, white for snowflake, red for cherry, white for cloud, red for fire

well this game is very addicted because of various puzzles such as in 100 floors 32, beside text guide of 100 floors floor 32, for better understanding please look at the picture here

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