100 Floors Floor 26 Answer

This is tricks for How to beat 100 floors floor 26. In this level you will see silver door with 5 batteries. to open the door you have to place the right battery to each place.

100 floors floor 26

100 floors floor 26

how do you solve floor 26 100 floors : First you have to take out all batteries. then place them all quickly with this pattern :
for placement from top left : place 5 volt battery then in the middle place 20 V bat, then in the top right place 20 V

100 floors 26

For placement from bottom left : place 1 volt bat, then in the midle place again 1 Volt bat. the last one 5 V battery place in the right.

For detail answer of how to pass 100 floors floor 26. look at the picture here

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