100 Floors Floor 25 How to pass Level Solution

As an addicted game most of us can't stop to play this game, but how to beat 100 floors floor 25? this level is one of interesting puzzle in the game. you will see 4 orange rods with 4 white buttons.

100 floors floor 25

100 floors floor 25

so how to solve level 25 on 100 floors? first tap the white button on the left side. slide it up then move to next button and slide it down. move again to next button. then tap and slide up slightly. it's enough you don't need to tap the fourth button.

100 floors floor 25

that's for tips and answer for

how do you beat floor 25 on 100 floors

on level26 we will have puzzle with battery combination. read tips for this level on other page still on this site. after this 100 floors floor 25 answer

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