Soul Calibur V Hits Effects

To get hits effects in soul calibur V is easy, you just need to solve the tasks below :

For Angel Pack: Complete Player Level 58
Comic Pack: Reach Player Level 67
To get Cute Pack: Clear Player Level 31
For Demon Pack: simply pass Player Level 58
Manga Pack: Finish Player Level 67

soul calibur v hits effects

To get Extra Arcade route in soul calibur V
you have to be in Player Level 17 then you can unlock the Extra route in Arcade mode. for your information This route features has a camera angle that is closer to the ground and fixed at an angle, this will provide you a new perspective to play the game.

while for unlocking weapon set#8 in soul calibur V you just need havve a Player Level 53

For The Master weapon unlocked simply reach Player Level 25

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